Nature walk: The singing frogs

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I don't know whether they are called tree frogs, bullfrogs, or even whether they were toads, to be honest. I was walking home early yesterday evening with a friend and her daughter: My friend and I run together, and then we walk to the convenience store to get a big Diet Coke, and then walk slowly back. Yesterday, we ran five miles. On the way home, we could hear frogs out, and they were trilling. My friend's daughter asked if we were hearing crickets, and we explained that they were frogs. And then, suddenly, we saw them!

There were two huge puddles in the street before us, and in each puddle sat one frog. They started hopping toward the corner, and on the corner sat another frog/toad/whathaveyou. And suddenly, its throat blew a huge bubble and it started trilling! I have never seen that in person before. It was amazing. It continued its trilling as we walked by, and then abrupty stopped.

I ran home to ask my sons if they wanted to see it. I burst through the front door, set my pop on the table, and burst out, "Hurray! Get your shoes on! I have to show you something amazing!"

Two of them ended up coming barefoot, but it was a short walk, around the corner. By the time we got there, there were four frogs. This time, the leader showed some trepidation. Perhaps small boys who are eager to bend down and touch, to pick up, to laugh, to splash, to chase, are more intimidating than two cautious adults and one small female child. For whatever the reasons, the frog clamped its mouth shut and stopped trilling. We all got out of the street as a car went by. My son Christian asked where the fourth frog had gone, and then spotted it, completely flattened, in the street. They stood over the squished frog and marvelled that it had been alive and now it was completely a pancake frog. The two who were barefoot steadfastly stepped around it.

Finally, we turned to return home. It was now dark. And behind us, in the moonlight, the frog begin to trill again.

What sorts of nature treasures have you happened upon and shared with your children?


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