The photoshop diet doesn't work for us regular Moms

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I really didn't have many body issues before I gave birth to my son. Sure, I wished I were just a little shorter once in a while, and I yearned for a few more curves here and there (hello, A-cup!), but generally I didn't put too much time into stressing about the shortfalls of my body. My legs were strong, I was smart enough to get my work done, and those things were what mattered most.

But post-partum, I have to admit that I've spent some time wishing for my old body. My c-section scar still has a patch of numb skin below it that flaps around when I move. My legs have lost some of their muscle, my butt is so flat I could cook french toast on it. I'm 32, beyond the point of wanting to look like Gisele Bundchen or Christina Aguilera, but maybe it wouldn't be so bad to look like Jennifer Garner or Heidi Klum. They've had kids, right? Why are their boobs so perky, their legs so toned and strong?

Well, this might be why. The video features an extraordinary example of what photoshop can do to increase the sex appeal of an overweight young woman, and it made me think about just how airbrushed pictures in magazines and online actually are. Although I don't think that Christina needs airbrushing on her naturally slim little body, I have no doubt that it's done to her, here and there, and to compare myself to her is a losing proposition: it's not apples to apples.

I found the link via Izzy Mom, who writes:
"...In the continued interest of pulling back the curtain so we can all stop comparing ourselves to things that aren't even real, I once again bring you a video that will blow your fracking mind!" Indeed.

Please note: the linked video may not be suitable for work, or those offended by partial nudity.

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