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Nolan has many favourite activities: among them are sliding at the playground, operating the hose nozzle, sitting on his Unky's dirt bikes, and honking the horn of the family's vehicles. While I love watching him in his gleeful splendor, I've also come to dread letting him have his favourite fun because of the inevitable sob fest that occurs when I try to take him away from the rabid enjoyment.

A cheery "Time to leave the playground, Nolan!" often results in the onset of crushing misery, in the form of heartbreaking tears or a mammoth tantrum.
"We have to go read a book now!" also fails miserably.
A stern,"Time out if we don't leave now, Nolan!" is equally ineffective.

But the other day, after fifteen minutes of being randomly soaked by a toddler-powered garden hose, my Dad told my son that the hose had to "go night-night." To my shock and pleasure, Nolan put down the hose and stared at it.
"Night-night," he echoed, and a scheme was born.

I have no idea how long it will last, but for the time being, we can leave the park without incident when the slide goes "night-night", we can move out of the car seat and away from the honking horns when the vehicle goes "night night." It's bizarre, but I'll take what I can get.

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