Those Friday folders, again

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Remember last year when Jerry Falwell's Liberty Council fought for -- and won -- the right to send religious information home in the "Friday folders", and then got their knickers in a twist because other, non-Falwellian religions took advantage of it? Well, it's in the news again. It seems that Camp Quest, an overnight summer camp for young atheists, agnostics and freethinkers, sent home a flyer -- or, more accurately, tried to.

Some of the teachers felt the need for some good old fashioned censorship and refused to send the notices home. One of the teachers explained that "I thought this was pretty offensive and pretty outrageous." The teachers, who want to remain anonymous, expressed concern that parents would think they were endorsing the camp. "I took a stand and did not send it home," the representative said. "Other teachers did the same thing."

The problem here is that the teachers should not be taking a stand. Right or wrong, the law says (thanks to Falwell's boys) that religious groups can send information home via those folders. That means any and all religious groups, even those that are areligious. As one writer said, "It is absolutely unacceptable for public school teachers to decide that one religious belief is 'offensive' and 'outrageous' but others are not and then promote that perspective in their official capacity." I couldn't agree more.


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