Do kids really pee in public pools?

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My daughter, Edan, has a new obsession. Every afternoon when I pick her up from daycare, she asks, then begs, and then demands that we "go swimming, go swimming, go swimming!" When we're actually at the pool, Edan starts a non-stop commentary for anyone within earshot, all about how completely, overwhelmingly, undeniably awesome being in the water can be. It usually goes something like: "I'm swimming! I'm swimming! I'm swimming! I'm swimming!" Etc.

I enjoy the water, but don't like being in it. However, I also love how happy it makes my child, and thus don't mind going for her sake.

But, because I'm not fond of swimming, I haven't spent this much time at public pools since I was in middle school, and I'm starting to remember some things about children's pool etiquette that make me a little worried. Namely, that they like to pee. In the water. While I'm in it.

I imagine the mind-numbingly high chlorine levels kill off all the gross stuff in pee that's dangerous to my health, but it still creeps me out. Should I really put my head under water?

Should I even be worried about this? Do kids really pee in public pools?

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