Meerkat 50 Youth ATVs are defective and dangerous

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has declared that the Kazuma Meerkat 50 Youth All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) has multiple safety defects and that children who operate it are at risk of injury or death.

The CPSC says that these ATV's don't have front brakes or parking brakes, are missing a neutral indicator light and can be started while in gear. Plus, the owner's manual doesn't contain information on how to safely operate and maintain the vehicle.

The ATV's aren't being recalled, but CPCS recommends that consumer's stop using them and demand a refund for the purchase. ATV's come with inherent risks, but because the Meerkat 50 is intended for use by children ages 6 to 11, the risk is considered higher. According to CPSC, kids who are just learning to operate an ATV don't have enough experience to avoid the hazards of this one.

CPSC says that Kazuma Pacific, the manufacturer of this ATV, has refused to provide incident or injury information and has impeded efforts to correct the defects. At least 2,700 of these ATV's have been sold since 2003 and the product is still available with the defects. CPSC requests that any incidents involving the vehicles be reported to them at (800) 638-2772 or on their website.

Call me overprotective, but ATV's for six year olds? No, thanks.

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