A dad's MacGyver moment

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Yesterday I wrote about my search for the perfect birthday present for my 3-year-old daughter. Today, I come to you victorious.

I bought a sandbox. It's odd, because I was looking for something small, and something that didn't have to live at our house. The large, green, plastic turtle that will eventually get filled with 100lbs of sound is neither, but -- given how much my daughter obsesses over the sandbox at the park -- I figured it'd be a fun present. (Plus, it was only $30, which leaves plenty of birthday budget available for other, more practical things.)

But the joy of finding such an awesome gift quickly subsided when I discovered that large, green, plastic turtles that are meant to hold large amounts of sand are very difficult to fit in Mazda sedans.

So there I was, standing in the parking lot of Wal-Mart, holding my enormous turtle box, and wondering what to do.

I tried to shove it in through the backdoor behind the driver's seat -- no luck. I tried to shove it in the trunk -- even less luck. Then I took the turtle out of the box (I'd been working for about 10 minutes at this point), and tried to shove that in the backseat -- foiled again!

That's when I discovered that the radius of the circle was such that it would just barely fit, width-wise, into my trunk. Ok. The problem was, the trunk wasn't deep enough, so the sandbox stuck out of the back, making it impossible to close the trunk. And, unfortunately, I didn't have any string to tie it down, because, in all honesty, I figured I'd be purchasing something that would fit in a backpack, and never imagined I'd standing in the parking lot while a giant plastic reptile consumed my car.

However, I did have a kite, and a deflated helium balloon (I never clean out my vehicle). The kite was old and broken because my daughter always lets go of it -- but the string was still more or less intact. I didn't have any scissors, or a knife, but I was able to use my keys to "cut" a length of string, and used that to tie down the trunk. But that string was thin, and looked a little precarious, so I re-enforced it with the ribbon from the deflated balloon, which sufficiently secured the sandbox for the duration of the trip back to my house.

Viola! The turtle now lives at my house, and I feel like MacGyver. Huzzah.

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