Bedset, the imaginary friend

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Last night, Jared and I were taking the garbage out when he started freaking out and pawing through the recycling bin. He kept saying his imaginary friend was in there. I told him he wasn't, but he said he saw me put him in there. I said I'd only put in two boxes and showed them to him -- Jared and his aunt had taken out the rest of the recycling earlier in the day. Nothing I could do would dissuade him from believing that his imaginary friend was somewhere in the recycling bin.

It was then that Rachel called out for him to get in the shower. Jared, still completely hysterical, went inside as I finished bringing the cans down the stairs. He kept saying that I had thrown his friend in the garbage and that he wanted to get out. Just as I was about to go inside, Rachel poked her head out and told me that Jared's imaginary friend was the bag from his sheets.

When we got Jared his new bed, we bought him a set of bedding featuring scenes and characters from the movie Cars. The plastic bag/case that the set came in has hung around for a while, for some unknown reason. Last night, I finally got around to throwing it out. Unfortunately, it turned out that that bag was Jared's imaginary friend Bedset. So there I was, out on the sidewalk at 10pm, pulling bags of trash out of the garbage can so I could rescue Bedset -- who, naturally, was on the very bottom.

I brought it back into the house and after a bit of a wipe down, Bedset seemed none the worse for his ordeal. Rachel told me she thought I looked like Steve Martin in the movie Parenthood, searching for his son's retainer in the trash behind the kid's restaurant. That, I can live with. It was the vision of Drop Dead Fred and his antics that worried me.

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