Best friends for life

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I feel lucky to have lived my entire childhood in the same house. I met the girl who was to become my best friend before I even started kindergarten. Karen lived down the street from me and probably had the biggest impact on my life outside of my family. She taught me how to be a good friend, how to get into trouble, and how to get out of it. We fought and made up, we drifted apart and came back together. From elementary school through marriage and into parenthood, we never lost sight of each other.

My own daughter had a very different experience. She doesn't even remember her kindergarten friends and her oldest friend is one she met after high school. We moved often during her childhood and therefore she doesn't have the same kind of life-long connection to anyone outside of her family the way I do.

At six, Ellie already has two close friends she's known for several years. I like to imagine that these three girls will know each other forever and that Ellie will have the benefit of that kind of history with a good friend. A kid who remembers you picking your nose and wetting your pants is a good friend to keep around.

Karen and I live thousands of miles apart now, but we have not lost touch. We email regularly and always call on birthdays. When I go back to Texas to visit, she is always the first person I want to see. I consider our relationship a blessing for which I am very grateful. Do you still know your best childhood friend?

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