College students invent powdered booze

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Just when you thought college kids were wasting their time drinking and partying instead of getting an education -- think again. The latest news from the Netherlands is that students are, in fact, inventing revolutionary new products -- like powdered alcohol -- that make it easier to waste time drinking and partying!

Plus, because "Booze2Go" isn't in liquid form, it can be sold to minors. Genius!

According to the inventors, it works just like any powdered drink -- just put it at the bottom of a glass, add water, and presto, you have a lime-flavored drink that's 3 percent alcohol.

In all honesty, I think the fact that a couple of 20-year-olds invented something this innovative -- even if it is for the purposes of getting young people inebriated -- is pretty impressive. I hope, however, that the Dutch government ties up the legal loopholes so companies can't sell the stuff to kids.

Now I know what I should've been doing in college.

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