Downsizing the diaper bag-- finally!

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When you have a newborn, it seems as if you need to pack everything under the sun to leave the house. You need 57 diapers, a blanket, a toy, changes of clothes for everyone involved, wipes (see the 57 diapers) and a nanny. Personally, I've had trouble getting that nanny to stay in the bag.

Now that my kids are toddlers, we don't need as many things to leave the house. We most definitely didn't need a diaper bag the size of Texas. So, for awhile, I was carrying around plastic grocery sacks for the "must-needs" for leaving the house. But, I'm not a huge fan of those sacks and, well, they aren't very pretty.

I found a perfectly acceptable alternative this past week: The tote bag. I went to the local department store and found a summery striped tote bag/purse on sale. It is about the size of a normal purse but looks more like a tote. It is just the perfect size to put in a few diapers for the younger one and changes of clothes for each.

I keep a few of my personal things on the side.

I love that I'm not carrying both a purse and a diaper bag around with me. If you're on the lookout for a tote, I got mine at a department store in the mall; I'm pretty sure places like Wal-Mart or Target would also have them.

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