Nursing pads stink!

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Nursing pads stink. I hate them. Really--HATE. I hate them because they're too thick and no matter how long you work with them, you can still see them underneath anything but the thickest of shirts. It's June in NYC and it's HOT so all I want to wear is a t-shirt. There's little more degrading than the necessity of something to cover your ginormous boobs (nipples, too, let's not forget) that's shaped like a flying saucer.

So what to do? I have to have them as I'm not at the point yet where I've ceased dripping all over the place if I'm not careful. Last weekend we actually attempted to make it into the city for a small errand. Only after we hit Manhattan, when it was oh so too late, did I realize I'd managed to change shirts three times, remove the nursing pads because they needed changing, finally find a shirt that 'worked', gather myself, my husband, our baby and all his baby gear (which is more than I've ever or will ever have) and get into the city after feeding him and burping him and changing him without ever replacing the nursing pads.

So I had to wander the streets of Manhattan worrying about and therefore staring at my own chest in the hopes that others would not. My fail-safe option in case I leaked was to take the baby bjorn and cover myself with the baby. Actually, to be quite honest, I wear the baby to hide the fact that I'm wearing nursing pads half the time. They really do manage to make their presence known no matter what I'm wearing.

And look, frankly, I realize I'm not such hot stuff. I know I don't look like Angelina Jolie or these other celebrity moms, but that doesn't mean I have to wander the streets looking ridiculous. I have my pride. I doubt any of those celebrity moms (besides Maggie Gyllenhaal, god love her) actually breastfed their babies anyway. If they did they'd have access to Gucci nursing pads or something like that to which I the random citizen would not have access.

I've also tried several kinds of nursing pads with essentially the same results. The two brands I've had access to that I've tried are Lansinoh and Johnson & Johnson. Now, I'm not knocking either of these brands--I am sure many of you have used them and loved them. I realize if they didn't work they probably wouldn't remain on the market. For me, however, they don't seem to be cutting it.

The Lansinoh pads are nice in the sense that they come with freebies like easy to use breast milk freezer bags and special baby tush wipes that are, according to Lansinoh, especially designed for the tushed of nursing babies. Not sure how they differ from regular old tush wipes, but that's another article. And although I appreciate the attempts at keeping the pads sanitary by individually wrapping each one, I feel that's a waste of resources. The Lansinoh pads seem to have a little too much to them, so no matter how much I mess with them and try to smooth them down my breasts look they way they did when I was twelve and stuffed my bra.

Actually, on a side note, I never had to stuff my bra. I'm just assuming that's what it would look like had I attempted to do so.

As for the Johnson & Johnson version, they do not come with any freebies, nor are they individually wrapped. They are, probably as a result of this, not as expensive and you get more for your money. They are thicker and more cotton-pad like but have less overall material so they seem to be able to flatten down better. Well, as flat as something can get on my boobs, which are anything but flat at this point.

All my other nursing supplies are Avent although I have yet to try their version of nursing pad. Has anyone tried these and if so, can she offer any advice on those? What about other options (besides going without or remaining indoors or just not giving a crap!)?

Frankly it's a mystery to both me and my husband how nursing bras represent the very height of clothing technology while nursing pads seem to be stuck in the dark ages!

Any thoughts ya'll have on the matter would be appreciated. Or, if you have a funny story to tell about them, I'd love to hear that too. Nothing was more humorous than watching me wander through Union Square trying to hide my bazooms for fear they would be leaking!

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