Rubber duckie just got tough

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Because I grew up watching Sesame Street, and watched Ernie sing the "Rubber Duckie" song time and time and time again, it was important to me that my daughter has a little yellow duckie for a bathing companion.

But that was before I discovered The Pirate Duckie from Urban Baby Runway. According to Stylehive, which brought the little quacker to my attention: "Not every kid is content to have the same yellow duck for his evening bath. If you've raised a rebel, we've found the perfect bath time buddy for the little devil, right down to the mini horns!"

I have to admit, as much as I'd like for my daughter to be a little rabble-rouser, there's no way she'd be interested in a duck that wasn't yellow or pink. For the rest of you, however, I thought it might make for a nice addition to the bath time routine.

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