Genius idea for kids t-shirt

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Especially with all the media attention surrounding "grupsters," some complain that trendy kids' clothes are made for the parents' amusement, rather than the children's enjoyment. Wire and Twin's new Smart Tees, however, manage to look cool while actually entertaining and educating your child.

In addition to the cow, dinosaur, fairy, etc graphic that's printed on the center of the shirt, the designers have written the name of that animal along the bottom -- along with the alphabet. Only, they've made all at the text upside down (right side up from the perspective of whoever is wearing the shirt), so your kid can sit and learn their letters every time they get bored or impatient (and probably start tugging at their clothing).

It's such a simple concept, I'm shocked that no one has thought of it before. Nevertheless, it's a fantastic idea -- and cute!

[via Notcot]

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