Who has the most embarrassing potty training incident?

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about free range potty training, I was somewhat surprised by the force of some reader responses and tickled with humor by others. I didn't realize that potty training could evoke such emotion. However, the reader thoughts did get me to thinking about some of the more outrageous spots in which some children decide to drop their pants and let go.

I asked around the ParentDish staff and discovered that Jennifer Grawemeyer is haunted by the tickle of wooded ferns on her backside due to the many times her father had to stop the family car trips so that she could run into the trees for relief. Susan Wagner has a friend who's young son let go on a hay bale at the local garden center. My most outrageous memory is of my daughter, Cassidy. We were in a Toys R' Us where she was playing in one of the large, plastic play houses. I heard her say, "Uh-oh!", and then saw a large puddle quickly leaking out from underneath the pink, plastic walls. She then peeked her red head out of the tiny door, looked both ways and made a mad dash for the next play house on display. I sighed, fetched an employee, a mop and bucket and pitched in for the clean-up. I got some dirty looks from a few parents, a pat on the back from another and a few giggles during the process.

What about you? Any juicy stories? Please share.

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