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Since Ellie is out of school for the summer, we spend a lot less time in the car. Her friends all live within walking distance and we just don't have many places to go these days.

Her school was a twenty minute drive from our house and we usually spent that time in the car talking. Well, she did most of the talking, but we both enjoyed it. We would stop at the store for a snack and in between bites, she would tell me all about her day. Sometimes she would even ask about mine.
From our car talks, I learned about the crush she has on a boy, the jealousy she was feeling about a girl in her class and how she sometimes wishes she was still a baby so she could nap with the little kids. These conversations not only helped me to know her better, they gave me the opportunity to talk to her about subjects that might otherwise never have come up.

It's been less than a week since school let out and I am already missing our car talks. At home, there's always a friend waiting, a show to watch or a game to play. In the car, she is all mine.

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