Easy activity: Old scrapbook supplies

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I was recently cleaning out my scrapbooking supplies, trying to get it down to a more usable amount. While I was putting my papers and stickers into piles to give away on Freecycle, my daughter, who is almost three, walked into the room and started going through the papers.

And then it hit me: While she may not be old enough to scrapbook, she is old enough to get creative with the materials. I handed her a few pieces of patterned paper and some stickers and off she went.

This is a great activity to keep little ones busy and it can also make a great grandparent gift. For Mother's Day, I told my daughter to make a card for her grandma, and she did. She even made one for me. Sure, it was on Christmas patterned paper and when my husband asked her what she wanted to say, she told him "I love you Daddy," but it was the thought that counts.

Besides, one day, I can look back at my Christmas-themed Mother's Day card that says "I love you, Daddy" and smile. It'll be much more special than anything from Hallmark.

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