Mentally preparing for the family visit

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For some time now, my sister has been threatening to bring her entire family for a visit. When I say threatening, I am joking of course. Mostly. My sister has four children ranging in age from 3 to 16 and her parenting style is pretty laid back. I guess if you have four children ranging in age from 3 to 16, that attitude serves you well.

I've never raised more than one at a time and I am not well-acquainted with the chaos that reigns in a house full of children. I'll be honest -- when I visit her home, that chaos gets to me. Having only one child, things are pretty quiet. When Ellie has friends over, the volume can get pretty high, but most of the time ours is a relatively peaceful and clean house.

My sister keeps asking me if I am sure it's okay to bring the entire family. Of course, it is okay. I miss my sister, but more than that, I want Ellie to know her family. So, we are planning on a July visit and I am already thinking ahead. I will house them all in the large playroom over the garage, but of course the noise will seep. They are going to make a mess and I am going to get stressed out. They will probably break something I love.

But I will also have my sister right here in my house and Ellie will get to know her cousins. And if it all goes badly, there is a lovely Marriott just down the road.

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