ParentDish Sleepover for Sunday, June 10, 2007

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Yesterday, we had a party for Sara's third birthday (which isn't actually until the end of the month.) Although it was a lot of work to prepare for it, it was pretty successful and everyone had a good time. While recovering from that experience, I decided to look around an see what other parents were doing for birthday parties.

Over at Crazy Meezer, Leigh's daughter Emily is a bit older than Sara -- she turned seven -- but it sounds like her party was similar. She had a jumper in the backyard and lots of noise-makers, aka kids. The planning and the cost were a bummer, as they always are, I think, but it sounds like it was a success anyway.

Knitterfly's son Logan, on the other hand, turned one which generally means a much simpler party. Not being a slacker, however, she came up with an extremely impressive cake that my kids would have absolutely adored. Plus, there were bug cupcakes galore! What more could you ask for at a birthday party?

Well, if bugs aren't your thing, perhaps Simon's cake will be more to your liking. There's nothing like having a willing and expert pastry chef in your circle of friends. As you can no doubt tell from the photos posted over at the Kingdom of Kagledom, Simon's friends were all suitably awed and impressed.

Hopefully, your birthday parties will go off without a hitch too, and perhaps we'll be reading about them on your journal sometime soon.

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