Who should control what your kids see on television?

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There is currently a battle going regarding who should determine what your kids see on television. Should the government have more control over what gets on network television? Or do parents have the tools and information they need to protect their children from viewing unwanted content?

According to TV Watch, an organization that promotes parental controls and individual choice, the majority of Americans feel that job belongs to parents. A February 2007 poll conducted by Kelton Research backs them up, with 74% of Americans agreeing that they should be in charge, not the government.

There is a lot of programming that is inappropriate for children and even the so-called ratings system is not always helpful. But as a parent, I am in charge of that television and I use the most powerful parental control there is -- the off button. My cable company offers channel-blocking, and when Ellie is older and more likely to be watching television unsupervised, I will make use of it. And I don't need anyone, including the government, to tell me what she should be watching.

That's my opinion, what's yours? Do you think the government should be more involved in ridding the airwaves of inappropriate programming? Or are you confident that you can monitor and restrict your kid's television viewing on your own?

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