Toys R Us 2007 best summer toys list

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I have a friend who sometimes takes her 5 year old twin boys to Toys R Us just for fun. They don't buy anything, they just look and play with the toys. I could never do this with Ellie. We rarely set foot in that store because she becomes so filled with longing and frustrated by denial that it's just not worth it.

I won't let her see the Toys R Us 2007 Best of Summer list, either. Every year, the toy retailer offers up a list of items that you must purchase in order to ensure your family's summertime bliss. Actually, some of the toys are pretty cool and probably would be fun to have around. But we aren't getting them, so don't ask.

The list includes old favorites, such as Hot Wheels accessories and a cute little Bubble Mower. They also recommend that Skip It thing that I couldn't do as a kid and can't do now. One of the items on the list is something we already own: Moon Sand. I don' t know if we are just doing it wrong or what, but Ellie and I have not been able to successfully create anything from that stuff.

Of course, all of the toys on the list are available at Toys R Us. Happy shopping!

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