Boy wins "Most Likely Not to Have Children" award from teachers

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How would you feel if your child came home with the "Most Likely Not To Have Children" award? That's the dubious honor bestowed upon Matt Porter, a sixth-grade student from Indiana, during a mock ceremony organized and hosted by two of his teachers.

Obviously, Matt was humiliated, and his parents want answers.

Unfortunately, however, there's no word on why Matt's teachers thought it would be ok to hand out such an insensitive "award," or if the school has taken any disciplinary action against the educators.

I've worked with kids before, and I recognize that adults often joke and gossip about the children they're teaching -- just like they would with co-workers, or anyone else they see day in and day out. It sounds like Matt's "honor" stemmed from just that sort of humor. But I think these teachers demonstrated extreme lack of judgment when they shared that joke with their students.

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