Fathers suffer phantom pregnancies

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At least after all the months of morning sickness, cramps, back pain, and that exceptionally swollen stomach, you get to have a baby -- unless you're a guy. Normally, pregnancy "symptoms" were reserved for expectant mothers, but new UK research shows that a number of fathers-to-be feel just as pregnant as their partners.

While it's old news that some men sympathize with their partners to the point of suffering morning sickness or having weird food cravings, this research was the first attempt at proving that this is an involuntary medical condition -- not just dads-to-be trying to get attention.

And researchers discovered some very odd cases. For instance, some guys' stomachs will swell to give the appearance of a "baby bump," and one man in the study insisted that his pregnancy pains were worse than his spouse's.

This phenomenon, known as Couvade Syndrome, is still largely unrecognized by doctors, but researchers hope this latest study will shed some light on the subject.

Guys -- did this ever happen to you? I can thankfully say that I didn't experience any pregnancy symptoms before my daughter was born, as it would've totally freaked me out if I started growing round "with child." Maybe I'm just not sympathetic enough?

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