Julia Robert's niece is the new Nancy Drew

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Nancy Drew, the new movie based on the series of children's detective stories, opens today, and there's a familiar name in the lead role -- Roberts. Emma Roberts, to be exact -- a young lady who, while she may have got her start thanks to her famous aunt Julia, is about to be a star in her own right.

The storyline is new, but follows a similar plot to the books. Nancy Drew, a teen detective, solves cases that adults can't crack. This time she's investigating the mysterious death of one of old Hollywood's most-famous actresses.

I doubt I'll find time to catch this movie, as both it, and "Unfabulous," the Nickelodeon series Roberts stars in, aren't quite on my 3-year-old's radar. But -- especially given the recent antics of other young women in Hollywood -- it's nice to see a young star that's a positive influence on her fans.

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