Tangram shelves

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Surely you're familiar with tangrams, a puzzle involving a square divided into seven smaller shapes? The object is to form a picture using all seven shapes without any overlapping of pieces. You can easily make your own, or purchase sets at any toy or bookstore. If that's not enough geometry for you, however, and you really want to get your life in shape, so to speak, consider these shelves from the Italian design firm Lago.

It's a set of seven shelves in the familiar shapes and dimensions that can be placed to form just about any shape your imagination can conjure. Some of the examples at the Lago site are a cat, a tie, and, perhaps most appropriate, a butler. As it's described on the site, "everything changes, everything can transform itself." If we had a place for these, I'd consider them. The only problem would be agreeing on the final shape. What would you do with them?


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