Applebee's serves margarita to toddler

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I never think to check my daughter's sippy cup when we're out at restaurant. If we ask for water, I assume they'll put water in the cup. Maybe, in a worst-case scenario, they'd screw up and give her juice -- a simple mistake, that certainly wouldn't cause her any harm.

However, perhaps I should be more careful, as an Applebee's in Antioch, California accidentally served a toddler margarita in his sippy cup instead of apple juice.

The boy's mother didn't know anything was wrong until a few hours later when her son started getting drowsy, felt sick, and started vomiting. After she rushed him to the hospital, she learned that alcohol was to blame.

This is such an obvious screw-up that it almost has to be on purpose, right? What reason could there possibly be for putting an alcoholic beverage into a cup designed for a preschool-aged child?

Fortunately the boy is doing fine, but someone's sick prank (or incredibly stupid mistake) could've led to far more serious consequences.

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