Babyproof your computer

"Let me type, daddy! Let me type!"

Sound familiar? My daughter has recently discovered that the computer is more than just a mini TV that can produce Sesame Street clips on demand. Now she wants to use the computer. When I'm sitting there with her, it's fine -- she gets to type her name, click the mouse, look at pictures, or whatever -- but I worry every time I leave the room that she's going to press the wrong combination of buttons and the thing will explode.

A clever way to protect your computer from the impulsive hands of toddlers and babies is Baby Shield. It's a Mac application that not only protects your programs and files, but also displays images and music whenever your child decides to play with the keyboard.

Of course, you could always lock your computer every time you walk away from the keyboard -- just don't forget. There's no telling how much damage your inquisitive little one can do in that split second it takes to refill your cup of coffee.

[via Geek Sugar]

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