Get married for 99 cents

If you have kids, chances are you're either married, have been married, or are at least thinking about tying the knot. However, in spite of the legal benefits, there are plenty of reasons not to get hitched -- one of which is the money.

But that concern is a thing of the past in Lewisville, Texas where you can get a Super-Duper Value Marriage for only 99 cents -- at the dollar store.

Seriously. On June 30, the local 99 Cents Only store will be hosting a licensed minister who will be performing marriage ceremonies inside the store -- so you can commit for eternity to your one and only for less than a dollar. Plus, all proceeds benefit a local animal shelter. What more could you ask for?

Extra tip: Ask the girl pricing miniature sandbox toys in aisle 6 if she'll take a few pictures, and avoid the cost of an expensive photographer!

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