Hollywood Baby Boom: What was in the water?

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There comes a time in most children's lives when they will realize that, yes, their parents have sex. Some kids take a big longer to figure that out than others. I remember, as an early teen, figuring out my month of conception: mid-February. I, like many other children born in mid to late November, was made somewhere around Valentine's Day.

So, now that Hollywood has had several babies born in the past week-- Sam to Tiger, Henry to Julia and River to Keri, I must ask: What was in the Hollywood water nine months ago? (That's assuming that these babies all went to term.)

Did someone spike the Evian? Was love in the air in Hollywood? (Actually, I don't think any of these three live in Hollywood-- so maybe love was just in the air?) I'm pretty sure there weren't any hurricanes that month.

Neither of my children were born nine months after a birthday or anniversary, both were spontaneously made, so my kids aren't going to have the embarrassment of realizing they were a birthday gift.

I'll admit; I searched IMDB and Wikipedia to see if there were any anniversaries or birthdays nine months ago. Tiger and Elin celebrated an anniversary in October...but that's it. Neither Keri nor Julia had any "special days" nine months ago. (And, yes, I'm realizing how pathetic this looks. No, really, I do.)

For those of you who have biological children conceived naturally, were your conceptions following a birthday, holiday or anniversary or a random night? Or, perhaps, did someone spike your Evian?

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