Man makes a career out of LEGO sculpture

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From the time my oldest son Loren was about 6 until he was 11 LEGO was huge in our house. Loren was interested in little else other than acquiring every LEGO kit known to children and then promptly assembling them. Once they were assembled that was it. They lived as Star Wars or Harry Potter art pieces on most surfaces of our house, the manuals snuggled in a set drawers assigned for the sole purpose of housing LEGO manuals. Then Loren moved on and the LEGO pieces have been disassembled and tucked in yet more drawers awaiting their release when our 2 year-old reaches a suitable LEGO age.

While my son out grew his love of LEGO, some kids carry the passion with them into adulthood. One such person is Nathan Sawaya, a former New York attorney who now makes his living as the most respected, if not only, LEGO sculpture artist the world has to offer. Sawaya spends over $200,000 per year on LEGO bricks to construct his life sized pieces of art, and true art they are. I was awed when I watched the CNN video of Sawaya. Not only must he have loads of patience and a sufficient smattering of OCD to sit through his works, his stuff his simply amazing. Sawaya currently has a museum exhibit touring parts of the United States that would be an eye opening experience for kids both young and old. Visit some of the above mentioned links for some great video footage and share it with your kids, it is too cool to keep to yourself.


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