When a child packs

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We're off to Calistoga for the rest of the week with Rachel's family. We're running around, packing swim toys and clothes and suntan lotion and so on, and Jared decided to help by packing toys for himself and his sister. So, what does a five-year-old pack for five days at a spa? Here's the list:
  • One baby doll (naked)
  • One purple, stuffed, stegosaurus
  • Eleven assorted books, including My Truck is Stuck
  • Three pieces from a construction vehicle set, including the wrecking ball part that makes a loud crashing sound if you even look at it
  • A stuffed Mickey Mouse
  • A stuffed Minnie Mouse
  • A stuffed Jesse
  • His camera
  • A pair of binoculars
So, there you have it, folks. Everything a young boy needs for a vacation with the family. Or, at least, what he thinks he needs until he gets there and starts screaming for the one toy he can't live without but which he didn't think to pack.


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