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Remember in the movie, Big, when Tom Hanks is working for a toy company, and he "doesn't get" the new Transformer toy proposed by a company executive? That exec wanted to make a giant, man-eating bug, that could transform into a building, and I agree with Josh (Hanks' character) -- it was a dumb idea.

Almost as dumb as this real-life Mr. Potato Head/Transformer combo. Whose idea was it to randomly combine two completely unrelated toys and try to sell it to kids?

Don't get me wrong, I love Mr. Potato Head -- his creation was a work of genius -- and I saw the original Transformers cartoon movie about 5,000 times when I was a kid. Those action-packed robots were my heroes.

This, however, is lame. For starters, there's no way the rest of the Autobots would take orders from a potato, and I seriously doubt this dude could fight off the Decepticons.

That said, his name is "Optimash Prime," which is hysterical, and has to count for something.

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