My child is gassier than your child

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Recently Susan wrote a post about competitiveness between mothers. I've noticed a lot of competition between parents, especially the mothers, even between friends. It seems impossible to have a conversation that doesn't revolve around our children and what they're doing this time that is so great and such a miracle, etc.

My pals and I try not to be competitive, and instead attempt to be supportive of each other. That said, I have come to the conclusion that there is one area in which there exists no earthly match for my son. His gas. He is the gassiest baby ever.

Perhaps it just seems that way since I am around him more than other babies, and because he is my first baby. Perhaps subconsciously I fear he may not be number one at anything and so have chosen this area where few dare to tread of which to make him master.

Perhaps. All psychology aside, though, he is pretty gassy. Not in a smelly way, and not in a painful, oh-mommy-it-hurts-why-did-you-eat-that-and-pass-it-on-to-me sort of way (BTW, as a side note I read breastfed babies are less gassy, I am breastfeeding and this kid is still pretty gassy!). No, he's just gassy. And he seems to like it. In fact, it is one of his chosen forms of communication. He responds to practically everything I ask him with a toot or two.

To the twelve-year-old in me (and I hope we all have an inner twelve-year-old in us), I find this hysterically funny. As his mom, though, I was a little nervous at first. Should a baby be this gassy? Was it indeed something in my diet or was he just born that way?

I took this up with my friends. They all advised their children either were totally gassy or at least went through gassy periods. Picasso had a blue period, my son--an artist in his own way--has a gassy period.

I took it up with on-line and printed reading material. Totally normal for babies to be gassy, even extra gassy like mine. After all, my son is never upset by this gassiness. There doesn't seem to be a digestion issue with his tummy hurting before, during or after.

I have yet to take it up with his pediatrician. I've mentioned it in passing, the reply to which was "Uh, huh," and then moving on to shots.

So, we just laugh about it. And we kid the other parents, our friends, that our kid is gassier than theirs. Some may counter their child drools more than ours, and for now perhaps this is true. Our son, however, within the last few weeks has made a bold effort to capture that record as well.

Apparently even though not all babies drool incessantly, many of them do. Mine didn't, and now he does. Mind you, he has not replaced the activity of being gassy with the activity of being drooly. No, my son is a multi-tasker. He can do it all, and happily demonstrates this whenever possible.

I guess babies are pretty darned cute regardless of all the things they do that some folks might find less than savory. If an adult were this gassy or drooled we wouldn't have anything to do with that person, but for babies the rules are off.

Gassy or drooly or otherwise, I think the whole point of all this is that a happy baby is all that matters. Mine is. Another point is to keep humor on hand at all times. Don't let the competitiveness get to you. It's just not as much fun. I am sure there is a gassier baby out there somewhere. My son rues the day when he loses his title to that kid, but I am sure he'll get over it.

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