Pregnancy and postpartum cravings

Have you noticed the things labeled as 'pregnancy' symptoms have stuck with you after you've had the baby? I'm referring to things like appetite, sleep patterns and food cravings. Although my appetite did fluctuate, my sleep patterns never really changed, nor did I have any real pregnancy cravings.

The things I liked before I REALLY liked and the things I didn't like before I REALLY hated. For me, my cravings took an entirely different route, and they remain with me three months postpartum.

I am addicted to smells, particularly to those in perfume, lotions and soaps. I've read and been told that during pregnancy many women can't stand the smell of certain things, or anything strong. I was quite the opposite. No smell really bothered me, outside of smells that would bother most anyone. The sensation was so strong it was as if I'd never used my nose before.

Walking by the Magnolia Bakery was like walking right through heaven for me. Seriously, if they could bottle the scent of their baking cupcakes and butter cream icing they'd make another fortune. During my pregnancy I purposefully walked by there whenever I could just to get a whiff.

Of course, most folks like the smell of baked goods. While I enjoyed those types of smells I really got into perfume. And I am not, categorically, a perfume person. At least I wasn't before I got pregnant. I enjoyed the occasional scent and really preferred essential oils if anything. Somewhere in the middle of my second trimester I went off course. It was right around Christmas and all the shops had all their perfume set sales going on. I couldn't resist.

I went with a friend to Macy's--the one in Herald Square, which you DON'T do anywhere around the holidays--because I just HAD to wander through the perfume section, which is a total nightmare even when it's not the holiday season. The following week I made my husband go back so I could do it all over again. I made him smell all the little papers with samples sprayed on them. His only response was "You smell like Macy's."

I managed to get away with buying only two bottles of perfume. One is a Tahitian vanilla scent that is perfect for the spring and summer and the other was the latest from Burberry, Burberry Brit for Women. It smells very, very spicy and very holiday-esque. Frankly, when I smell it now it's too darned strong and not really my taste. Back in December, however, I couldn't live without it.

Now I am pretty much obsessed with the smell of everything. Unfortunately (or, fortunately, if you are my husband) I don't have the money or the storage space for any more perfume. On top of that I am not using anything scented on my body, with the exception of body wash, which I also used to scorn but am now totally in love with.

According to some "experts" scenting yourself masks your actual scent (duh!) which makes it hard on a newborn to grasp your scent (makes sense). In the beginning, especially when I was trying to establish a good routine with breastfeeding, I thought it best to abstain from perfume, etc. Now I'm just sticking with it for the sake of consistency/

The only thing I get to smell these days is dirty baby diapers--yicko! That Tahitian vanilla is really calling to me, though. Perhaps later this week when Daddy is watching the baby I will indulge.

BTW, in case you are searching for the ULTIMATE vanilla scent, check out this brand, Le Maison de la Vanille, which is available at Sephora (thank GOD for SEPHORA). I chose Vanille Fleurie de Tahiti, but they have many other vanilla options such as Madagascar, Mexico and The Tropics.

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