Why I can't make myself believe that Tori and Dean are cute

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Why is Tori Spelling everywhere, all of a sudden? I vaguely remember her vacant Donna back in the Beverly Hills 90210 days, and then she disappeared off the face of the planet for what...close to a decade? Perhaps more?

Then, she suddenly re-emerged and I still can't quite figure out why. There she was, in some of the most-read celebrity magazines on the news stand: resplendent with pig tails, a dewy smile, and a baby bump. There she was online, gleeful at some kind of blue-themed baby shower. Here's her new husband, caressing her behemoth breasts. Here she is again, promoting her TV show on her MySpace Page and talking about her new son Liam (and receiving tons of gushing from adoring fans)

The TV show, in case you missed it, is called Tori and Dean: Inn Love. And I am wondering if I am the only one who wonders what the ex-wife of Dean thinks about all this business. I mean, she and Dean had just adopted a little girl when her ex-husband informed her that Tori Spelling was his soulmate. And I know that I have not walked in his shoes and I should not judge, etc. etc. But. I still do not believe that it is OK for any married man or woman to take off from their partner for another only months after having a baby. Period.

But everyone seems to have forgiven Tori and Dean for the ugliness of the roots of their union and they continue to be everywhere. Perhaps I'm just an old embittered fuddy duddy. But I can't seem to make myself like Tori and Dean as a couple, no matter how "Inn Love" they might be.

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