2-year-old genius is youngest girl to join Mensa

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Occasionally I fall into the trap of thinking that some toddlers are "smarter" than others -- when really, most kids simply learn at different rates, and their ability to recite the alphabet at 18 months has little to do with how intelligent they'll be later in life.

So I'm not entirely convinced that Georgia Brown, who's recently become the youngest-ever female member of Mensa, the High IQ society, is going to take over the world with her brilliance, or start moving objects with her mind.

That said, she sounds pretty sharp. Her IQ is 152, she was having "proper conversations" at 18 months, and, after seeing Beauty and the Beast, told her parents that she thought the villain was "mean and arrogant."

While Georgia certainly seems like a special child, I think that anyone who joins a group like Mensa (or enlists their kids), probably has an unhealthy interest in their own intellect. However, it sounds like Georgia's parents aren't making her entire life about being "smart," and allow plenty of time for her to be a normal kid. I just hope, for her sake, things stay that way.

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