Doctors warn: freebirthing is dangerous

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Freewheeling, freebasing -- these are terms I've heard of. Freebirthing? Not so much, until I came across this article warning women against freebirthing, a.k.a. birthing without the supervision of a doctor, midwife or doula.

I had no idea modern Western women were doing this. I mean you hear of the odd, "she gave birth in a cab" story and I imagine this happens often in the developing world. But for the most part, having an unassisted birth seems like something that happened back in Laura Ingalls Wilder's day. Apparently some women are choosing to go it alone.

I remember meeting a new mum during my first pregnancy, in yoga class. My yoga class wasn't really prone to freaks, but this one woman happened to be a little too... well I used to refer to her as Hippy Dippy Mom. She was explaining her home birth and I inquired about her midwife. "Oh no," she replied, "We fired our midwife."

"Whaddya mean fired your midwife? Did you find another one? What was wrong with her?"

"She didn't share the same vision for our birth and we basically felt she was incompetent, so I gave birth at home. Just me and my husband. It was the most beautiful thing."

When she told my yoga buddy, Blondie, about burying her placenta in the yard, well... no offence, but I think I threw up a little bit in my mouth.

I know birth is natural and all that, but so is B.O. and I'll risk Alzheimer's to wear deoderant. Having experience complications during labour and delivery myself, ones that put my child's life in jeopardy, I have to side with the doctors on this one. Complications can happen without a moment's notice.

Have any of you had unassisted births? Would you do it again? Is anyone reading considering an unassisted birth? I'd like to hear your reasons why.

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