The Subskate, revisited

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Earlier today, I wrote about the amazing Toypedo. It's kind of the Energizer bunny of pool toys -- it just keeps going and going. Interestingly, the Toypedo is made by Swimways who also makes the Subskate I asked about a while back. Well, we decided to pick up a Subskate as well, to check it out. Oh, the sacrifices we make for you, our dear readers!

The Subskate is pretty darn buoyant, surprisingly so, even. For my six feet and 250+ pounds, however, it was kind of out of its league, but for the kids, it was a real challenge to sit or stand on it without falling off. Unlike a real skateboard, when you lose your balance, you just splash in the water because you're already pretty much underwater. The Subskate, however, is trying to get to the surface so it's difficult to keep it under you.

Jared and the other, bigger kids tried standing on it; Sara just sat on it like a surfboard while I held it steady for her. Either way, I think it probably helps develop one's sense of self in the water and improve one's balance as well. Back when I taught swimming, after classes were done for the day, the other teachers and I would spend some time in the pool playing keep-away or just horsing about. We would try to stand on the kickboards as if they were skateboards; this is very similar, although when you lose control, the Subskate does not squirt out from under you as violently and dangerously as a kickboard.

For me, while my size makes it little challenge, I found that it makes a wonderful water seat, much like the seat of a swing. It has just the right amount of buoyancy to keep me at a perfect level in the water. While I can't recommend it as wholeheartedly as the Toypedo, I would definitely say that if you have a pool of your own, it would be a good addition to your arsenal of toys.

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