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The tabloids, paired with the 50% possibility that I may give birth to a daughter, have me thinking about female role models. Is there anyone out there that young girls can look up to? I'm not picky at this point -- just show me someone who is famous and has more to contribute than alcohol-laced H2O in a breathalizer.

After some furious Googling, I came across this recent list on The author's choices? Natalie Portman, America Ferrera, Anne Hathaway, Emma Watson, and Mandy Moore. Yes! I totally approve. These are good girls -- great girls! They are smart and nice, while still pretty and stylish. They are not all a size -2. They don't forget their panties when they go out!

But the list made me think of more positive females. Newly appointed Idol, Jordin Sparks seems pretty inspiring at just 17.There's been lots of talk here about Hannah Montana, so I would add her. Heroes star Hayden Panettiere plays a strong female on the hit show and has yet to do anything that makes me cringe. One girl revolution, singer Pink -- though not a teen -- balances out the pop queens a bit with her celebutante-bashing lyrics.

Writer Kate Ward adds a few more to the list, on Julia Stiles, (OMG, I could watch Save the Last Dance every time it's on!) Rosario Dawson, my homegirl Rachel McAdams, and Claire Danes. (Though I'm finding it hard to forget that Billy Crudup left his pregnant wife for her, even considering My So Called Life and the fact that she does promote a lot of good causes.)

Ward also makes a valuable point: Why are we not seeing photos of say, Colin Farrell, passed out in a bar? Why the double standard? Why the emphasis on "Girls Gone Wild"? Why don't young girls forget the young women in the tabloids, Ward suggests, and focus on the strong, funny and intellgent women in their own lives? Here, here!

Who do you think makes a positive celebrity role model for young girls? Will there ever come a day when 'tweens and teens are not affected by the girls in the tabloids?

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