Towing a bike

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For quite a while, I've been lusting after one of those half bikes. You know, it's basically the back half of a bicycle that you attach to your bike so you can drag your kid around with you. The problem is, Sara's really still too young for one and Jared has his own bike now. Jared's not really up for a long ride, though, so a solution where I could pull him would be great.

That's where the Trail-Gator Bike Tow Bar comes in. It gives you the functionality of a half-bike -- being able to ride a fair distance together -- while still retaining the kid's autonomy when appropriate. You can ride around town or on a long trail, then when you get somewhere, disconnect the kid and let them rid around on their own. That's pretty darn cool, if you ask me.

Now, I just need two of these, plus a bike for Sara, and we're off for some long distance rides around the bay, right?


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