Hello Kitty: not just a benign feline

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If it's true that most people can be classified as either "dog people" or "cat people", my tendencies most definitely lean toward the former. A cat won't lick your tears when you cry or greet you with frantic kisses when you walk in the door, but I heard it might eat you when you die.

Anyway, my meandering point is that I'm not a cat person. So I've never paid much attention to the whole Hello Kitty phenomenon,other than to wonder why this cat with a barette in her hair has persisted over so many decades. I mean, I remember seeing her on all kinds of crap when I was a kid and I still see her on shiny pink backpacks, outlining bicycle license plates, everywhere. She's kind of creepy, maybe, but totally benign, right?

Not so, for the author of this hilarious blog called Hello Kitty Hell. In it, an anonymous man details the frustrations of having a Hello-Kitty obsessed wife, and painstakingly lists the hundreds of Hello Kitty related gear that he must endure. Did you know, for example, that there is such thing as a Hello Kitty exhaust pipe? How about a Hello Kitty toilet seat? I think my personal favourite is the Hello Kitty tattoo gun.

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