Working on their fitness: American kids and personal trainers

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I had a personal trainer for about a month. It hurt and I still had cellulite and so I ditched the gym and just stuck with running.
I really can't see any reason to visit a personal trainer except for:
a) vanity and
b) lack of personal willpower
c) need for immediate and drastic results

At least, that's true for me. So I was appalled to read about a new trend of children working with personal trainers to...what, sculpt their abs? Provide them with a toned bottom?

Well, not exactly. Parents worried about their children's weight and fitness levels say that paying a trainer 40-60 bucks an hour motivates their kids and makes fitness fun and rewarding. Nearly a million American children between the ages of 6 (!) and 17 now use trainers. Kids account for 13 percent of trainers' clients.

I understand that today's society is different from 1986 and I get that kids have more stimulus and changed needs now, but seriously, whatever happened to a run through the forest? Don't Grade Sixers want to play kickball on the lawn, getting exercise and perhaps secretly impressing the cute little boy across the street? What about team sports and orange wedges at the break and that stern coach with the heart of gold? I can't imagine that a trainer could be as fun as the kid games of years past, but I am beginning to think I live in la-la land.

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