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I think if my daughter ever saw Shrek of Fiona in real life, she'd explode with toddler delight. In fact, as much as I'd like to think that she's most excited by digging through the mud for bugs, or swimming all afternoon at our local pool, there's probably nothing she loves more than her favorite animated buddies. So, seeing those characters in traffic, on the beach, or at the grocery store would be her dream come true.

That's what makes this Photoshop contest from so much fun. They've asked their readers to insert their favorite cartoon characters into real-life settings, and the results are hysterical -- if not downright amazing.

Some of the images are from cartoons younger children may not have discovered (like The Simpsons, for instance), and there's some others you might prefer your kids didn't see (like Mickey Mouse caught on a mouse trap) -- but on the whole, they're a lot of fun. I love seeing Speedracer calmly waiting at real-world stoplight, or Jerry (from Tom and Jerry), stealing a piece of cheese from a real-life kitchen table.

Nothing that'll change your world forever, but it's a nice diversion for a rainy afternoon.

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