Are mommybloggers lame? A Linda Hirshman debate.

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I'm not a big fan of anyone who lumps an entire group together in a stereotype. Gays are immoral, Republicans are creepy. American tourists are rude, the overweight lack goes on and on. So, when a debate regarding the constantly deplorable Linda Hirshman ends up with Mommybloggers being called "creepy," I can't help but roll my eyes.

Long story short, a "mommyblogger" wrote an article for, referring to Linda Hirshman as one of "Ten Women Who Make Us Cringe." Well, Linda herself found out about the article and decided to go on the defensive. (I have to admit, first, that it was said Pundit Mom who did, in fact, refer to Hirshman as cringe-worthy, thus placing herself in the radar of a women who deplores women that chose to leave the workplace.)

A "fan," for lack of a better word of Hirshman decided to refer to Mommybloggers as possessing a "creepy mantra." Yes, there are mothers who blog who feel the need to remind everyone how important raising a human being is, but not everyone. Just like not everyone chronicles every poop and feeding. Some women feel the need to constantly remind themselves (and others) that mothering can be hard and that, yes, it is important.

I'm not one of them, but I don't feel that they are "creepy."

I feel a little guilty giving any more recognition to a woman who believes that feminism only works in the form she has chosen, but it is an interesting debate. Are women who go online to receive support, find community and, often, just vent "creepy?"

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