Gift guide by the ages: Newborn/baby shower

Birthdays. Everybody has one. They also have holidays and all sorts of special occasions where it seems a gift is needed. If you're anything like me, it is easy to get overwhelmed and just want to run out and get a gift card. While I certainly like to get the gift of a gift card, I prefer to give something tangible.

That's why I started thinking about good gifts to give by ages.

How many times have I been to a baby shower, only to see the mom-to-be get swamped with onesies (newborn, usually) and really cute stuffed animals? Too many. While every mom and dad-to-be really do appreciate a room full of plush toys, they also like things that are, ahem, practical.

So, when I head to a gift shower, I always like to bring along a pack or two of diapers. (If they're not using disposables and are using cloth, then I get really excited and bring along a few of those.) Another choice that a parent might not consider is one of those fancy ear thermometers or, even better, a "necessity" gift basket full of the medicines they'll end up needing but won't realize until the middle of the night.

Honestly, with two little ones, I can't even think back to what we needed after our first child was born. Most likely, we needed everything. Anything you wished someone had given you?

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