Liv Tyler changes tune about her post-baby body

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Before you have kids, you make all these plans about how you're going to raise them and what you're going to do as a parent. You say you'll never take them to McDonald's, then you find yourself in the middle of nowhere with two screaming, starving kids and the home of nuggets-n-fries right there in front of you. You swear your kids will never be stuck in front of the telly, then you find yourself with a situation to deal with and no one to watch them other than Woody and Buzz.

So it is for Liv Tyler. This article over at our sister journal Styledash notes that the daughter of Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and supermodel Bebe Buell is "definitely going to have some" plastic surgery in order to get her pre-baby body back. Never mind that back in the spring of 2006, she lashed out at the Hollywood mom who appears "so skinny three weeks later and says 'Oh, I'm just running around after my kid'."

Nor should you pay any attention to the fact that back in February of this year she reveled in the fact that she hadn't dieted since her son was born. After all, it is a woman's prerogative to changer her mind, is it not? And, as she points out, "I have to make a living."

All kidding aside, she is a model and an actress, and her appearance is an important part of her job. I guess the time has come to get back to work for her. What do you think?

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