The joy of being silly

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We have a lot of silly in our house. As I write this, I have a 17-month-old and a little girl that will turn three in a couple of weeks. Now that I think of it...we have more than "a lot" of silly. We have truckloads.

Isn't that the great thing about kids, that they can be silly and not care? If I want to get my 2-year-old to do anything, I refer to it as "silly." Works every time, even when it is just getting her into the shopping cart. Now, I'm not exactly one of those people that take life too seriously. With the chaos of two little ones comes not being able to take anything seriously, lest I explode from frustration.

I'm that mom who will take one for the team and make a fool of myself in public just to keep the kids quiet. A good activity while waiting in line somewhere is to do quiet animals. You can do the "fish face" or perhaps place your arms above your head to be a giraffe. Crocodiles are fun, though they have tendencies to become loud and chomper-ous.

I enjoy turning on the 90s music channel on our TV (an entire channel to 90s music! Love it!) and getting the kids to get down. You haven't lived until you've seen my little girl do an interpretive dance to Jewel's "Foolish Games."

So next time an email has you at your wit's end or dinner is late, why not let your hair down and have a little fun? Because, seriously, can you be in a bad mood when you lay on the ground and do the snake?

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