Baby has 25 middle names in honor of world's greatest boxers

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Autumn Sullivan Corbett Fitzsimmons Jeffries Hart Burns Johnson Willard Dempsey Tunney Schmeling Sharkey Carnera Baer Braddock Louis Charles Walcott Marciano Patterson Johansson Liston Clay Frazier Foreman Brown's parents thought it'd be fun to give her a few extra middle names. 25 names, in fact (just in case you don't feel like counting) which totals a whopping 185 letters.

If that seems odd (and it is), what's even weirder is that it's all part of a family tradition. Autum's mom, Maria, comes from parents who gave their three children a total of 103 names. So what gives? Why make your kids memorize an entire paragraph just to learn their full name?

As boxing fans have probably already surmised, the names are in honor of the world's greatest fighters. Both Maria and her parents boxing fanatics -- and, as you might suspect, have a healthy sense of humor.

Anyone want to place bets on how old Autum will be when she finally memorizes the whole thing?

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