Britney wants K-Fed back, pestilences, famines, dogs and cats living together

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Now this is what we've all been waiting for. After a nasty divorce, a custody battle, a shaved head and a rehab stint, Britney is thinking maybe she's been a little rash, and wants to reconsider her divorce to K-Fed.

"I'm not divorcing you!" Spears apparently told Federline in a recent phone conversation. "I want my family back!" Though, how anyone would know what transpired during a private phone conversation is beyond me.

That said, the news of the possible reconciliation comes from the National Enquirer, so they may have had the two-headed bat child hover over the pop star's mansion with a supersonic satellite listening device invented by aliens who miraculously lost 459 lbs in only 3 weeks.

In the event that this is true, things could get ugly -- namely because K-Fed isn't interested in patching things up (which, seeing as Britney left him and has been sleeping with other guys, isn't exactly surprising).

But remember Kevin, hell hath no wrath...


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