Mom may lose her kids because she's Vegan

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I've heard about parents being punished for overfeeding their kids, but I was surprised to read about this Mother, who may have her kids taken away from her because of her belief in an animal-free diet.

Gail Nelson-Folkerson's estranged husband Jeff has filed a court application seeking primary custody of their five children (quintuplets, no less), citing control issues and the fact that she will not allow the kids to eat meat, eggs or dairy.

Obviously, the Father sees Veganism as unhealthy for his kids, though vegans would disagree arduously, noting that animal-free diets teach animal compassion and respect for other life while avoiding hormones infused in animal products and also avoiding junk like hamburgers and gravy.

Though I am not a vegan (or vegetarian) myself, I have an insane amount of respect for people who are. I have been pondering it for years, tentatively dipping my toe in the waters, watching vegan friends and listening closely. I think that many vegans (aside, perhaps, from this couple) are responsible, in-tune human beings with a fierce love of the earth.

I hope that the parent who is better able to provide quality care is granted primary custody. It seems to me that veganism is an insane reason to have one's children removed from the house.

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